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I realize that fitness and self-care is a personal and sometimes private issue for many. My goal as a fitness professional is to provide each customer with an affordable fitness solution that is effective and continuously challenging. I consider myself to be a specialist in fat-loss with the natural ability to encourage, motivate and inspire others.  

I know that I don't need to tell you that Obesity is a major risk factor for Heart Disease, certain types of Cancer, and Type 2 Diabetes.

People are literally killing themselves from the inside out. It's simple, eat healthy and move more. That's where I come in.

In 2003, I successfully completed a twelve week weight-loss transformation and I've been in the business of helping others ever since. It's in my heart and I love  helping others daily. 

"You may enter pissed but, you will leave PROUD" ~ DB


Monday:   9AM, 6PM, 7PM

Tuesday: 6AM, 4PM, 5PM

Wednesday: 6AM, 9AM, 6PM

Thursday: 6AM, 9AM, 6PM 

Friday: 9AM 

Saturday: 8AM, 9AM,10AM

* Last Saturday class is 5-6-17.
*Saturday mornings will resume 9-9-17.

* Email me to get started today!!

* Only first-time clients and clients not active in the last 6 months are permitted to purchase.

* Limited time offer, buy today, train today!! Follow link below for details.